Erectile dysfunction drugs.

PMID: Abstract The development of diagnostical and therapeutical methods of erectile dysfunction opened new possibilities for patients.

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In our time, andrologists are capable of treating most patients. The ones who cannot be helped are unable to lead sexual life due to physical reasons.

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The application of hormone examinations, color Doppler and Rigiscan exams help at establishing diagnoses. In the therapy, modern peroral pharmacotherapy is dominant, mainly phosphodiesterase inhibitors and central peroral pharmacon are applied.

The means of getting the vasoactive drugs into the body have been extended subcutan, transdermal, and drugs absorbable through mucosa.

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Psychotherapy is indispensable at some patients. The surgical solution mainly prosthesis implantation can be regarded critically, yet their presence among therapies is necessary.

According to authors' opinion, the qualitative development of vasoactive drugs efficacy extension and side-effect reduction that can be simply and conveniently applied in the future. Publication types.

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